Getting A Fabulous Style On A Frugal Budget

Getting A Fabulous Style On A Frugal Budget
Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if we had the bank balance of a Hollywood siren so that we could look as amazing they always do? Unfortunately, this is a pipe dream for most of us. Our bank balance would barely allow us to look stylish at a Mets baseball game never mind the Met Ball. But just because your bank balance is in a perpetual state of uncertainty doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to follow suit.

To help you look a million bucks when you only have cents to your name, we have compiled a list of sneaky tips and trusted tricks to help you look amazing all the time.

Better Buttons

You know that Topshop coat that you absolutely love but it is just too cheap-looking to wear to anything nice, especially work. Well, try replacing the cheap plastic buttons that are adorning it with some buttons that are gold and shiny. What a difference, huh? Now go and do that to all of your jackets and blazers and coats.

Posh Shoes

We all want to be able to walk around in some posh pumps or high-class high heels, but the cost is just not worth it. Well, in order to get better value for your money, next time you are buying a cheap alternative, opt for faux suede instead of faux leather; they just look way more expensive.

Back in Black

Black is known to make people look slimmer, but it also makes clothing look like it is ten times more expensive. It just has a way of hiding its true cost, which is exactly what you want from a budget purchase.

Awesome Accessories

A quick visit to the Whiteflash store and you can get yourself a piece of dazzling jewelry that will make even the blandest of outfits pop. The things with luxury clothes are, they don’t always do the talking themselves, it is what you pair them with that really makes them pop. So get a few piece of statement jewelry, and recycle them to make your outfits more wow.

Must-Have Steamer

Ironing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and if you’re anything like us than your ironing skills actually make clothes look worse. However, wrinkled and crinkled clothes almost always look inexpensive, which is why you should get yourself a steamer to make sure everything you wear looks freshly dry-cleaned and only clothes that cost a lot get dry-cleaned.

Make Sure It Fits

If it doesn’t fit it won’t look chic; it’s that simple. Millionaires don’t wear clothes that don’t fit and neither should you. So whenever you go shopping, place a tailor-looking fit at the top of your priority. We don’t mean actually go and get yourself tailor made clothes, just know your size and know what suits your shape.

Distressed Isn’t Working

The thing with pieces that look distressed - whether on purpose or not - is that they end up looking more worn out than shabby chic. Ripped jeans can look cool, don’t get us wrong about that, but a worn out blouse won’t. Getting the distressed look is an art.