Tips And Tricks To Get A More Shapely Chest

Tips And Tricks To Get A More Shapely Chest
Many ladies weren’t born with a naturally shapely bust, and want to know what they can do to make it more voluptuous. There are a few methods thought to work that we’ll discuss in this guide - just make sure you stay away from rip off enhancement creams!

Try Contouring

Contouring the face is an extremely popular way of creating cheekbones, but what about contouring the chest? Using this method you can easily shade and highlight, creating a naturally more plumped look when you’re wearing a low cut dress or top! Just make sure you use a makeup wipe afterwards, as you don’t want any nasty spots ruining your look.

Use A Special Bra

There are a number of bras out there right now that can help in giving you a more shapely chest. Some stick to the chest without a strap on the back, and you can tighten and push them up as much as you like.

Exercise The Chest Area

This may not make a huge difference, but some think that exercising the chest area by doing things like push ups can actually make the chest area perkier.

Try Massages

Massaging is a great tool for achy muscles, but there are studies that suggest they can also encourage growth of breast tissue. Perhaps by taking your time when applying things like moisturiser, you could give your cup size a boost too!


Surgery isn’t for everybody, but you can’t deny it’s becoming more popular. Check out these stats from 2016 to see for yourself!

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