Big Changes On A Small Budget: How To Achieve A Home Makeover For Less

Big Changes On A Small Budget: How To Achieve A Home Makeover For Less
When you hear the words home and makeover in the same sentence, you may automatically assume that there’s a lot of money involved. It’s true that some home improvements can be costly, but you don’t always have to spend a fortune to achieve amazing results. If you’re after big changes on a small budget, here are some tips to help you bring about a stunning transformation for less.

Celebrate your skills

Can you work your way around a toolbox without any problems at all? Have you got experience of completing DIY tasks and a track record that boasts no major disasters? Do you know your arbor press from your angle grinder? If you enjoy doing DIY and you’ve got a level of ability and expertise, make use of your talents and skills. There may be jobs that you can’t do, but there are likely to be tasks that you can. Doing things yourself will save you money. If you’ve got generous friends and family, you could also call in a few favors and ask them to help out with jobs like painting.


Are you bored of your furniture or are you on the verge of chucking out broken chests or wardrobes that have seen better days? If so, consider upcycling before you throw anything away. Upcycling is all the rage these days, and it’s amazing what you can do with used pieces if you have the right tools and a bit of guidance. You can find tips and ideas in magazines or watch some video tutorials online. You’ll end up with items you love without spending a cent.

Shop around

Shopping around can save you money on everything from hiring expert help to buying new sofas, chairs, and accessories. If you’re considering calling in professionals to do a job, for example, you can use the Internet to track down local firms and get some quotes before you make a decision. You can also compare the prices of items you see in stores or online. If you want to buy a new bed, for example, you may find that there’s a significant difference in the price of the styles you like if you use a search engine to compare retailers. It’s also worth looking out for copycat items. If, for example, you see a vase you love in an interior design magazine, but it has a designer price tag, you may be able to find something very similar for a much lower price. High street stores and online retailers often produce imitations of designer sell-outs, which are much more accessible.

Use color

Using color is one of the best and most affordable ways to revamp your home. If you change the colorway, this will have an instant impact, and you can bring about a change for the cost of a pot of paint and a few inexpensive accessories. Painting walls is easy to do, and it doesn’t take long. Look into color trends, and go for shades that you love. If you’ve got a few options, take some testers home and try them out on a patch of the wall. Try and compare tones in natural light and wait until the paint dries to make a decision. If you’ve got a small room, it’s usually best to avoid dark colors. If you’re painting at home, make sure you prepare the walls first, and put down some dust sheets. Sand down the wall and use a damp cloth to clean the surface before you apply a coat of primer. You can then paint the first coat once the primer is dry. Wait for the first coat to dry before you start the second. It’s best to use a roller for larger areas and a brush for the more intricate detailing. Once you’ve chosen a color theme, you can complement the new walls with inexpensive touches like candleholders, vases, and cushions.

For many of us, there comes a time when we fancy a change. The problem is that home makeovers can be an expensive business. The good news is that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to freshen up your home and switch things up a little. Shop around to save money on soft furnishings and accessories, use your DIY talents and skills, and embrace the upcycling trend. Changing colorways and introducing new color themes is also a great way of transforming your home simply and affordably. If you’re keen to make big changes on a small budget, it is possible! Good luck!