Bedroom Elegance in 5 Easy Steps

Creating a high-end looking bedroom can be difficult, particularly if you have a limited budget. Fortunately, there are ways to design a high-end bedroom you dream of while keeping your pocket in check.

From adding the right pillows to painting a fresh coat of paint, there are simple solutions that will change your bedroom from basic to sophisticated.

Here, we discover 5 of the simplest ways to make your bedroom look elegant. You may just be surprised at how these simple tricks will fool the eye into feeling you live a high-end life.

1) Bedroom colors – paint for elegance

Paint color is one of the most difficult decisions to make when decorating a bedroom, since it causes the biggest impact on the aesthetic and feeling of the room. It's also what ties in all elements of the bedroom and you should pick the remaining d├ęcor based on it.

If elegance is what you're looking for, pick a color that will add instant glamour to the bedroom. You can go for one of two options – dramatic and bold OR understated, soft hues. Base yourself off of your personality and how you want the bedroom to feel.

Another increasingly popular option is to paint the doors. The color should not clash drastically with the walls, but should complement it. Just make sure to add some acessotires to the space of the same color to tie the overall design together.

2) Pillows and Duvets – Elegance & Comfort

Luxury pillows have two purposes: they add to a factor of elegance all the while providing extra comfort and support for your head and back. Placed appropriately on the bed, they also offer a layered, cozy feeling to the bedroom.

Of course, elegance and comfort is all about the bed as well. If you have ever stayed in a five star hotel, then you know just how amazing a hotel duvet can feel – not only does it look lush, it also offers the utmost comfort, much like lying on a soft cloud.

If there is one place not to skimp on, it's the bed. As the central focal piece of the bedroom and an item that you spend about 1/3 of your time on, it's important to make sure it offers full comfort. Consider luxurious items like a duck feather featherbed to keep you both comfortable, warm and living in high-end luxury.

3) Window Treatments – Privacy & Elegance

A bedroom without window treatments can look cheap and unfinished. Fortunately, window treatments are a great way to add elegance to the room while being budget-friendly and adding some much-needed privacy.

To ensure the window treatments look elegant, stick to higher quality material like linen, cotton, or natural silk. Polyester or artificial man-made fabrics can come off as cheap and the material can often be flimsy. Avoid see-through materials as they don't offer any privacy and instead look for lined draperies that look elegant.

4) Accessorize the bedroom

Most bedrooms lack accessories on the walls and furniture, which creates an empty, basic-looking room. By adding the necessary accessories, you can add a touch of elegance to the space.

There are so many affordable ways to accessorize the home, particularly if you opt for golden colors. Since gold is psychologically associated with wealth, it can add an immediate feeling of elegance to the bedroom. Of course, like with anything else, you need to avoid overdoing it and keep the golden items limited and spaced-out. Some good ideas for accessories include picture frames, mirrors, or vases with beautiful flowers.

5) Crown Molding – High-end walls

When it comes to elegance, it's usually all in the details. Crown molding can help add a high-end look to the bedroom, particularly as it looks custom-made. It creates a finished aesthetic in the room and brings the ceiling and walls together, giving them a far more elegant appearance. Without molding, a room can look unfinished or cheap.

Applying crown molding can even be a DIY job – there are affordable, plastic versions that can be applied on the walls. There are numerous sizes, designs and widths to choose from, but for a more elegant look, choose a wider trim. You won't believe what an impact it has on the bedroom.