Celebrate Your New Year! Five Fashion Tips For 2017

Christmas is over, which means that the New Year is almost here. Chances are, a lot of us are already starting to make resolutions for 2017: get fit, get healthy, go to the gym, quit smoking, quit drinking… But the truth is that a lot of New Year’s resolutions demand lifestyle changes from us that we aren’t willing to make just because another 365 days have ticked over and we’re at the start of a brand new year. What you can do is change your attitude towards fashion and your wardrobe so you can go through 2017 with a whole new attitude towards yourself and your outfits. Here are some tips to help. . .

Get Budgeting

If you’re into fashion, chances are that you sometimes have a little problem with controlling your fashion budget. It’s easy to spend a little too much on new items at the start of each season – but you need to make sure that you stick to your limit so you don’t go overboard. Make a spreadsheet of your incomings and outgoings, before setting yourself a budget to stick to. Withdraw the cash from the bank so you don’t go crazy on your credit card.

Go With Comfort

Another year older is another year wiser, and this should probably be the year where you finally go for a little comfort. Uncomfortable shoes can be left way in the past now – as can bare legs in winter. No one wants to see your gooseflesh as you shiver in the cold winds, and you’ll thank yourself for it too when you’re cozy in your black opaque tights.

Quit Disposable Fashion

More and more these days, we find ourselves going for cheap clothes that don’t pass the test of time. Not only is this bad for the environment and the people who make the clothes, it’s also very bad for your wallet. Instead of buying into trends that’ll be over as quickly as they began, go for more classic pieces from a good quality clothing store that you can wear for a longer time for effortless class and elegance.

Get Accessorizing

Remember that you don’t have to keep buying more and more new clothes. Accessories can make or break an outfit – you can dress up your favourite skinny jeans with heels or dress them down with battered biker boots to create completely different outfits. As Coco Chanel said, you should never go overboard with accessories – if you’re prone to heaping yourself with jewelry, take off one item before you leave the house. But a colourful bag or a statement necklace can lift an old black dress into something much more interesting and remarkable.

Use Positive Language

Make sure that you talk about yourself in a positive way. If someone praises you for what you’re wearing, thank them instead of mumbling something about buying it in a sale and looking fat in it anyway. We don’t all have the best self esteem so make sure that you tell yourself over and over again that you’re beautiful – and when someone compliments you, simply say “Thank you.”