Going Nordic: Five Ways To Infuse Scandi Style Into Your Home

Going Nordic: Five Ways To Infuse Scandi Style Into Your Home
From crisp, clear lines and unique storage solutions to open fires, winter gardens and houses built from entirely eco-friendly materials our friends in the North are passionate about sustainable yet stylish living.

Why not inject understated elegance, pared back design and flawless craftsmanship into your home this winter? Not only will your living space be an inspiration to your guests but you’ll love the light, airy and spacious feel to your home.

Fabulous Floors And Luxurious Rugs

Unlike in the UK where the fatter, fluffier and more fiber rich the carpet is so much the better in Scandinavia, where majestic forests stretch for miles, the word is wood and lots of it. They prefer wooden floors, buffed to a high sheen, and many homes are sold with underfloor heating pre-installed. You’ll find beautiful rugs and furniture like pieces by Pure Interior in the living room, bedrooms, and dining room. In older houses, you'll often see traditional wool designs or even animal fur rugs. When it comes to the bathroom or wetroom, a central drain takes care of moisture which means you don’t have to worry about dripping water everywhere!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

Many people think Scandinavians only use one color on the walls, and that’s bright, white and light, but it simply isn’t true. In fact, although it is important to reflect as much sunlight as possible, winter comes early and stays a while, other colors are often used such as dove grays, pale blues and earthy, natural tones that complement the wood interior. If you’re taking inspiration from earlier decades of Swedish design you’ll even find splashes of pop art and brighter shades.

Keep It Natural

We’ve mentioned wood already, but now we’re talking about incorporating wooden walls, doors, floors and other features into your design for warmth and texture. Feeling adventurous? In countries where owning a log cabin is almost mandatory, having a wooden ceiling is seen as perfectly reasonable. Where possible use eco-friendly materials such as triple glazing, ground source pump for heat and even thicker insulation. Look at how much sunlight is streaming through the windows, if it’s less than you’d like consider adding a skylight, then dot your home with plenty of floor lamps, scatter cushions, cozy blankets and raw glass candle holders for an authentic Scandi look.

Think Beautiful Yet Functional

Why do people love IKEA, a Swedish founded company so much? The answer is simple their products are aesthetically pleasing but they also do what they were designed for. It’s no good having a stunning set of drawers that won’t open because there isn't enough space behind the door, think about the dimensions of the room that you’re working with and pick products that you know will fit properly.

Accessories Not Clutter

Choose key pieces that you’d like to have on display such as an antique mirror, crystal vases or cute photo frames. Keep papers and books tidied away in several racks and remember that when it comes to Scandinavian style less is definitely more!