Creating an Exotic Atmosphere at Home

Fostering an inviting, sultry space in your home is one way to keep the tropics close at hand, regardless of where you live. Choosing the right color scheme, accessories and furniture can spruce up a room while also making it feel like a comfortable beach resort, even when it is cold outside.

Rich, Inviting Color Schemes

While there are plenty of color schemes that could be classified as exotic, those trying to create a rich, vibrant feel in their bedrooms or bathrooms may want to go with deep greens, bright pinks, purples or some shades of blue. Pairing the bright with the dark often creates an all-encompassing color scheme that truly removes you from your current location.

Bedrooms and Living Room Accessories

While the idea may initially sound silly, choosing themed accessories for your bedroom and living room will make your home exotic all by itself. Depending on the color schemes that you have chosen for your bedroom, tan, beige or brown comforters, sheets and other bedding are likely to fit into the scheme nicely. It is also a good idea to use sheets with high thread counts to convey a feeling of luxury.

Living rooms give homeowners with exotic tastes a great deal of room to get creative. For example, if the room could use a little extra air flow, select tropical ceiling fans rather than their standard counterparts; in fact, models with blades shaped like palm fronds are some of the most unique accents available to those trying to create an exotic feel in their homes.

Selecting Furniture that Exudes Exoticism

One of the best ways to choose furniture that adds to the exotic air to a home is to gravitate toward the unconventional; instead of choosing a standard, rectangular bed, go with a round version. Break away from the conventional mindset of what living room furniture should look like and replace it with items that are typically not found in Western homes; plush, oversized cushions, non-traditional shapes and bamboo wood are all ways to support an exotic theme in your home.

Make Your Space Your Own

The first rule of decorating any space is to make in into something that you love; while it also needs to be functional, if you dislike it, there is no point in having it. Use your imagination to create the exotic home of your dreams.