6 Home Pamper Ideas To Help You Relax

6 Home Pamper Ideas To Help You Relax
Pampering yourself at home is a must if you want to feel good about yourself and relax. Going to the salon is great as an occasional treat, but most people can’t afford this all the time. You deserve some ‘me time’, to treat yourself and look after yourself. Here are 6 home pamper ideas that will help you to relax:

Take A Hot Bath With A Bath Bomb

A hot bath is one of the best ways to relax. You get to soothe your muscles and your senses at the same time. Some people don’t like baths, but they are beneficial for so many reasons. Not only are they great for aches and pains, they are great for giving your body a deep clean. They can also help you to get a better quality sleep at night time. To make your bath even more luxurious, add a bath bomb or bubble bar. They make your bath look ridiculously pretty, and contain things like essential oils to help you feel even more amazing. You could also add bath salts for a body detox.

Give Yourself A Salon Style Facial

It’s really easy to give yourself a salon style facial at home and get similar results. Start off by cleansing your face with a quality cleanser, and remove it all. If you wear makeup, it could be necessary to do 2 or 3 cleanses. Then you can exfoliate your face to remove dull, dead skin. Afterwards, you can apply your favourite face mask. Leave this on while you relax for up to half an hour, and remove. You can then tone your skin, apply serum, eye cream, and your favorite moisturizer. Just make sure you give everything a chance to sink in for a few minutes before moving onto the next product to get the best results. Make sure your products suit your skin type too!

Soothe Your Tired Eyes

If you have tired, puffy eyes, there are a few things you can do. Cucumber slices can actually be a great way to soothe your eyes, but you can also buy gel eye masks that you put in the fridge.

Have A Massage

How are you supposed to have a massage at home, you wonder? Well, if you haven’t got a partner, you can invest in massage chairs. You can get portable Shiatsu chairs, so you can have a massage wherever you are.

Invest In A Foot Spa

Soaking your feet can help you to feel so much better after a long day. Invest in a foot spa to get a lovely massage feel on your feet. However, you can still get the same effect by using a regular bowl and some nice foot products. If you’re going to remove dead skin, make sure your feet are soft but not too soft. If they are too soft, you can end up taking too much skin off and make your feet sore!

Give Your Hair A Deep Conditioning Treatment

Apply a deep conditioning treatment for thicker, healthier hair. Consider making it yourself to tailor it to your hair and tastes!

Have fun!