Increasing The Value Of Your Home Using Wall Cladding

One of the tricks to selling your home is to make it pleasing to the eye, as well as fixing all of those nagging little problems. There is some great advice on the Readers Digest website to fix up your home quickly, so as to increase the curb appeal or your home. One of the easiest ways to make a dramatic improvement to your home's overall look is to use exterior cladding.

Looking Like New

There are a lot of benefits when you choose to clad the exterior of your home, and one of the biggest is that the outside of your home will look like new again. If you choose the correct cladding system, you will have low maintenance cladding which can be cleaned easily with a hose and brush and will look the same for many years to come.

Added Benefits

There are many different external wall cladding systems to choose from, but one of the best systems is Palliside Cladding. Unlike other systems, Palliside has a tough UV coating which means that the colour will remain the same for the lifetime of the cladding. Some systems will turn to powder through extreme sunlight, but a Palliside cladding’s colour remains vibrant and strong, which is why there is a 25-year guarantee.

Strong and Robust

There is up to 7mm thickness with Palliside, so it is strong enough to survive hail storms without damage, unlike inferior vinyl and wooden systems. The cladding is suitable for use in category C Typhoon areas, as well as having a Nil Fire Ignition rating, which makes it suitable for areas prone to bushfires.

Unlike other types of cladding, you will also benefit from having additional thermal insulation to your home, which can assist you in reducing your energy costs. You also benefit from acoustic insulation which will help to keep out any unwanted noises from your home.

Easy To Install

Having cladding installed to your home is a very quick process. If you already have a cladding system on the exterior of your home, this can usually be fully removed within a couple of days. You can then install the new exterior for your home, and depending on the size of your home this can also be done usually within a couple of days. As previously mentioned, once installed, the cladding is very easy to look after. Every month or so take a hose and a soft brush to the outside of your home, and you will have it looking sparkling like new again.

First impressions count, so as well as making the inside of your home appealing to potential buyers, make sure you do not neglect the outside. If you can create a good first impression and you can make your home desirable, you will not only find it easier to sell, but you can also often achieve a higher price for your home. If you are looking to move to a new home and you need to add some sparkle to its exterior, install a cladding system which is going to make your house look like a palace!