Massage - Does it Have Beauty Benefits?

Most people love massages because they feel absolutely incredible afterwards. But while you may think of this as an unnecessary indulgence, it turns out that it could save you a lot of money on beauty in the long run. Here are some of the health and beauty benefits of massages.

Keeps your skin glowing

Massages are known to stimulate blood flow, and this is why regular, gentle kneading and rubbing might keep your body looking radiant and healthy. Massage helps plump slack skin while encouraging lymphatic drainage - the removal of toxins from the cells to make space for nutrients. They also remove dead cells from your skin thus eliminating dullness and exposing fresh skin to the surface. This brightens your complexion and leaves the skin glowing and nourished. A few minutes of noggin kneading in the facial area also increases blood flow to the skin area to increase collagen production. This makes the skin supple and less prone to wrinkling. We asked one of the head masseuses from from Orchid Nail and Spa for her opinion “Most people don’t realise just how big of an impact massage can have on your body, in a very positive way”.

An effortless weight loss tool that keeps your body in shape

According to the Body Sense Magazine, massage is a natural form of therapy that improves circulation and facilitates the supply of nutrients to the muscles. This is especially important for those who go to the gym as vital nutrients must be supplied to the muscles so that they can recover and rebuild themselves. A massage applied after exercise maximizes the supply of these nutrients and oxygen, which helps the muscles develop and burn more calories.

Healthy hair

The scalp is the basis of healthy hair so you have to take good care of it if you want healthy strands. Regular scalp massages help increase blood circulation, and this helps decrease dry scalp, dandruff and itching. It is recommended that you massage your scalp twice a week while washing your hair in the shower. For best results, use a scalp massage product with a menthol base as this further enhances circulation and decreases flaking. Alternatively, you can coat your hair with a rich moisturizer instead of wetting it before you start massaging. This will reduce friction thus preventing you from roughening up cuticles and causing split ends as you perform the massage.

Keep your skin hydrated

Apart from increasing blood flow to your skin to encourage the production or natural skin oils, using a massage cream or oil to massage your skin will leave it feeling smooth, nourished, and hydrated. The kneading action of the massage also helps the skin to absorb nutrients within the oil or cream more easily.

You definitely look better when you feel better!

Among other therapeutic benefits, it has been proven that massage helps people sleep better, relieves pain and boosts immunity if you are looking to get in the right shape, both physically and mentally to get the most out of summer, getting a sage is a simple addition to any beauty regimen that will make you feel better in more ways than you expect. You can only look as good as you feel!