Everything You Need To Design A Bedroom You And Your Teenager Will Love

Is it time that your child’s bedroom had a makeover? This should be very easy to do. But if your child is a teenager, you may run into some problems. After all, your taste might not be exactly the same as a teenager’s. They will want a cool and funky room while you will just want one that looks stylish and can easily be kept tidy. However, there is a way that the two of you can work together and create a bedroom that you are both happy with. Just read this blog post for loads of tips and tricks!

Chat To Your Teenager About Ideas

It is important that both of you have the chance to tell each other your ideas. But bear in mind that it is your teenager’s bedroom, and they should have the final say. But, seeing as it is your house, you will still be able to sway the design slightly. Especially if your child has some pretty wacky ideas. So before you buy any materials and make any final designs, sit down and have a quick chat with your teenager. Ask them about their ideas and how they want the finished room to look. It could be a good idea to create an image board of each of your ideas. That can help you see where the both of you are thinking along the same lines. If you have any completely different ideas, now is the time to let your teenager know what you won’t allow under no circumstances. Don’t like their idea of painting the walls black? Then tell them now that it isn’t happening. This way, you won’t have any arguments later down the line.

Create A Study Space

Even if your teenager isn’t so keen on this idea, they will come around to it once they realize how important good grades are for getting into college! Every teenager’s bedroom needs a study space. Even if it is just a desk and chair in the corner. No matter how small your teenager’s room is, there should always be space for this furniture. If you have slightly more room to play with, think about adding a small bookcase on which the can keep all their textbooks. Computers are super important these days, especially when it comes to school studies and research. Think about whether a desktop or a laptop would suit your child better. If they need to take their computer into school regularly, a laptop will be much more convenient.

But Don’t Forget Fun Stuff!

Teenagers often spend a lot of time in their rooms. So you should also help them to create a relaxed and comfortable environment in which they can unwind after a busy day at school. Think about adding some great bag furniture that they can lounge on while watching a movie. Even if you try to limit their screen time, you should still expect your teenagers to spend some of their spare time in front of screens. Like computers, TVs, and games consoles. After all, these are the most popular forms of entertainment in this current day and age! So make sure there is enough space in their room for them to set up all the technology.

Go For Neutral Color Tones

When you are deciding what kinds of paint and wallpaper to decorate your house with, you should always opt for neutral colors. No matter how much your teenager tries to persuade you that hot pink or black are totally cool colors! As it is your house, you also need to think about what will happen to the room once your child moves out and goes to college. Depending on the age of your teenager, this might just be in a couple of years’ time. And then you will be left with a hot pink room! So stick to neutral paints so that you won’t have to redecorate as soon as your teenager moves out. It is also best to try and stick to neutral colors if you decide to wallpaper the room. Don’t go for bold patterns, as these may not be fashionable in a couple of years’ time.

Make Your Teenager Do Some Work

Your teenager will love designing the room. However, they might not be so happy about helping you paint it! However, you should be strict with them and make them help you do some of the work. After all, it is their room! By getting them to help with the decorating, you will be teaching them responsibility. They will be given the chance to see how much hard work goes into decorating a room. And, because of this, they probably won’t trash it quite as fast! They will also understand why you tell them they can’t have posters up. If they do stick things on the wall, they could end up ruining all their hard work! And that might set off a mood swing!

Let Them Choose Some Furnishings

The best way for your teenager to feel truly at home in their newly decorated bedroom is to let them pick out some of their own furnishings. In fact, if they find some furniture that they like now, they can take it with them to college. And it will save you buying new furniture with them once they move out. It can also create a nice personal feel to their bedroom, and will help them settle in better to the new surroundings. Tell them a budget that they have for all the new furniture. That way, they won’t return home with something from the furniture store that has maxed out your credit card!

Do This All In The School Holidays

Make sure you redecorate a teenager’s bedroom in the school holidays. That way, they won’t be distracted by any school work or revision. And you will then get their full attention and help. It will also make the job less stressful, as you can spend all day on it rather than just a couple of hours after work and school.