Style Your Hoodie for a Fashionable Look

image: silver long sleeve v neck pu h-line biker jacket

Hoodies are comfortable and had become one of the staple items in a man's wardrobe, even if now girls are embracing them, along with the boyfriend jeans and sweatshirts. But this article is for men; this time we are talking to you, guys, providing inspiration on how to style cool hoodies in versatile ways for a smart look that is guaranteed to attract girls. Despite hoodies are somewhat connected to shady people in the popular conscience, this comfortable item can be worn in a lot of situations, depending on how you accessorize it.

image: deep gray pockets long sleeve hoodie

Style up the hoodie: The best way to style up cool hoodies is to pick a thin hoodie and wear it underneath a leather jacket, with navy jeans. Layering is the best way to go when you are looking to style a hoodie, so pick hoodies in neutral colors, such as light gray, which are easier to layer with a lot of pants and jackets. Another way to dress up the hoodie is to wear it with a trench coat. This ensemble will allow you to stay warm on cold nights, without losing any of your charm. Again, the hoodie should be a neutral color, which allows you to pair it with a button down cardigan and suede boots in navy, for example.

Dress down a hoodie: The reason we all love cool hoodies is the fact these pieces allow us to put on something and get out of the house in minutes, even seconds. If you are not looking for a smart casual outfit, you can embrace a relaxed outfit by wearing a hoodie with a pair of chinos and trainers. In this case, go for cool hoodies with logo prints and colored texts, which can draw attention and spice up the entire outfit. Because hoodies are the perfect item for a jog or the gym, you can pair them with black jogging pants when you are after a sporty look. This outfit is highly practical and can even serve you well if you have to drive for several hours, for example, when you are on holiday.

Straight to the street: After a roundup of the main ways to dress up a hoodie, let's take a look at potential outfits you can make.

The retro man: If you are more into a retro look, it doesn't mean you have to give up on cool hoodies. Just layer a simple T-shirt, a hoodie and a wool coat to nail the retro man's outlook on cold days.

The biker look: If you love to ride the bicycle or the motorcycle, you can rely on your hoodie; layer it underneath a leather jacket and complete the look with skinny jeans and boots.

The street style: Nothing screams street-style better than a hoodie paired with ripped jeans and a denim jacket.

The hoodie may not be the best item for the office, but it's definitely one of the most versatile clothes, you can have, so learn how to style it in multiple ways.

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