Best Watch Trends of the Season

There are many fun and exciting watch trends out for the summer this year. Here is a list of the best watch trends for this season.

1. Customizable watch bands and faces
Many watch brands are offering the ability to customize your watch by allowing you to choose the material and color of your watch band as well as the color of the face.

2. Rose gold
Pair this look with rose gold jewelry and accessories with rose gold accents.

3. Black on Black
This trend looks best when paired with your upscale street style sportswear.

4. Monochrome

5. App enabled/smart watches

6. Small and delicate
In contrast to the bold oversized watches that were trendy last season, this season your best bet is to opt for a small and more feminine-looking watch.

7. Ornate Bracelet bands
This look is perfect for an upscale event or dinner date.

8. Stainless steel
This trend is popular for both men and women.

9. Colorful watch faces
The most popular colors are red, vibrant blue, turquoise and hot pink.

10. Classic three hand watches
This classic style looks great when paired with a simple little black dress or a casual t-shirt and jeans.

11. Wrap-around watches
12. Oxblood watch bands
13. Faux python bands
Pair this look with other faux python accessories.

14. Sporty nylon bands
This trend goes great with sportswear and minimalist styles.

15. Wooden bezels
16. Simplistic and modern digital watches
17. Floral watch faces
This trend looks amazing when paired with floral print dresses and pastels.

18. Asymmetrical design
19. Tortoiseshell accent
Pair this look with a trendy pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses for a look that is chic and modern.

20. Multi-tone
This style looks amazing with suits and business separates.

21. Dyed leather straps
22. Slim straps
23. Decorative dials
24. White on white watches
This looks pairs nicely with any modern or mod-inspired outfit.

25. Titanium
26. Square or rectangle faces
27. Metal Mesh bands
28. Faux alligator bands
29. Mother of pearl faces
30. Faces with geometric designs

Now that you know some of the best watch trends for this season be sure to pick up a few of these styles for your collection today. And to find all these styles and many more visit Groupon Coupons page for World of Watches.