Most fashionable interiors for 2016

So you want to know how to turn your home into a fashionable destination in 2016? You have to be fast on your fashion feet to keep up with the trends in the interior design world. Nothings ever stays the same, whether it's hot new colors gathering momentum, fresh silhouettes emerging or wholesale changes of attitude – being at the front-end of interior design takes some doing.

Luckily for you, we've distilled some of the latest fashions in interiors into four easily digestible points. Sit back and read these tantalizing trending tidbits, then decide how best to interpret them in your own home interiors.

Hue clues
There are two main color stories for 2016, let's call them intense and dusty. The intense shade of the moment is a matt midnight or navy blue that you'll see splashed on walls, furnishings and textiles as well as on ceramics. Such depth of color gives you the opportunity to contrast it with bright, shimmering hues – think tangerine, citrus, berry, mother of pearl, and you'll be on the right track.

The pale shade of 2016 is the lightest, most delicate hint of pink ever. Forget brash shades such as fuchsia, bubblegum and neon – this baby is a cool, dusty, cashmere pink with the lightest blush. A flat, forgiving shade, you'll be seeing a pale pink rinse on everything from sofas to floorboards to bed linen.

Indoors outdoors
Swapping the outside for inside and vice versa is a theme we'll see much of next year. Indoor trees will be a signature trend, with houseplants such as spider plants and succulents gaining popularity. Macramé from the 70s will make a comeback and our plants will be suspended in hanging baskets woven from this classic home craft.

Pieces that work equally well al fresco as well as indoors will change the way we make our seating and dining furniture choices. Letting the outside world in with controllable window treatments such as interior wooden shutters will be a key trend. With the huge range of shutters now available in many styles, these stylish and practical alternatives to drapes will be stealing the show.

Shiny, happy
Accessories, soft furnishings and other key interior items will be sporting shiny, pearlized finishes. Silvered leather will become more popular, especially teamed with the dark intense shades mentioned earlier.

Sanitary ware will move further away from the love affair with chrome and hold more firmly in the gold and copper camp.

The glint of light from semi-precious stones and minerals will be something that will move further up the agenda throughout the year. We'll see light pulls and door handles made from lapis lazuli or citrine, and large slabs of glittering pyrite or quartz as desk ornaments.

Geometry lesson
Anyone considering re-tiling the bathroom or replacing a kitchen splashback should take a look at the stunning new geometric designs being turned out. Forget plain tile or bland floral sprigs and go for all out geometric glamor with some amazing, intricate patterns in vivid color ways.

So there you have four themes that will be lighting up the interiors world in 2016. As ever with interior decor, simply pick and choose from the ideas on offer – you know best what works in your home.