What to Wear for a Day at the Beach

Summer has officially arrived, which means there is only one thing for it – a visit to the beach to lay in the sand and listen to the gentle sound of the sea is definitely in order. Whether you’re planning a sun-filled holiday abroad or are looking to visit beautiful beaches in your home country, the big question is what to wear? For a day at the beach you’re looking for something that will not only look fashionable and on trend, but also protects your skin from the burning sun and helps to keep you cool. From cute swimsuits to beautiful dresses, here’s a list of the best things that you can wear for a day at the beach this summer.

Ruffled Swimsuits
Ruffles are definitely a trend that have dominated swimwear this season, so whether you like wearing a little two piece bikini or prefer to cover up with a full swimsuit or tankini, there will be a number of cute, ruffled outfits that will definitely be a fashion statement at the beach this summer. Pair with a floaty cotton white cover-up or sarong, and your beach outfit is complete – easy!

Maxi Dresses Maxi dresses are great for the beach – they’re comfortable and look absolutely beautiful. If you’re planning on wearing a maxi dress to the beach this year choose the floaty, cotton type – it’ll help to keep you cool in the sun and they’re also easy to throw on over a bikini.

Beach Bags
You’re going to want to opt for a beach bag that’s big enough to hold your purse, beach towel, sun cream lotion and anything else you’re planning to take with you. Monogrammed tote bags are a really nice choice of beach bag, and the best thing is you can also double them up as a handbag so they work just as well for taking around town on a shopping trip. Have a look at some of the amazing totes from I Flew The Nest for ideas.

Floppy Hats
Big, floppy sun hats are definitely in this season, and they look just as good at the beach as they do off the beach. Whether you opt for the suede types or go for a straw hat decorated with ribbons and other summery accessories, it’s definitely an accessory that you’ll want to take on all your summer days out.

Oversized Sunglasses
It’s not just your skin that you’ll want to protect from the sun’s harmful rays – your eyes are also susceptible to damage too. Oversized sunglasses are a big trend this summer, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a pair that do the job whilst looking fashionable.

Last but not least, you’ll want to take a pair of flip-flops or sandals for when you’re not lay soaking up the sun. Jeweled flip-flops are really in fashion this season, as are bold, floral prints. Choose a pair that match your outfit, and you’re all set!

What are you planning to wear on the beach? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.