Will Cosmetic Surgery Make You Beautiful?

Cosmetic surgery procedures have become as common as a trip to the dentist. There was a time when only the rich and famous could afford to book an appointment with a plastic surgeon, and if they did have work done, it was not something they wanted the general public to hear about. These days, though, things are very different. Botox injections are a lunchtime appointment and a quick glance around any bar or nightclub will reveal a large number of women who have opted for breast augmentation.

Why is Cosmetic Surgery so Popular?
The main reason why people chose to have cosmetic surgery is that they want to look younger, more beautiful, or both. Cosmetic surgery is seen as a quick fix way of achieving model looks in an image obsessed world. So your nose is too big – have it fixed. Or your breasts are too small – no problem, book a cut-price boob job at a foreign clinic and enjoy a sunshine break at the same time.

Chasing Perfection
Every day, we are bombarded with images of beautiful, flawless faces and bodies. Women and men in the media don’t have wobbly bits, scars, stretch marks or imperfections. Their complexions are clear, their bodies are perfectly proportioned and they conform to the current ideal of western beauty. As a result it is hardly surprising that women from other cultures want to change their features to become more western: http://www.sloaneclinic.com/en-sg/theplastic/clinicsertheplasticfacenoseaug.asp.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t even that expensive any more. Many clinics offer discounts and finance plans to make it easier for cash-strapped patients to have work done, and for those who still can’t afford to visit clinics in their home country, there are plenty of cut-price clinics abroad. But does cosmetic surgery really make you beautiful?

Beauty is Subjective
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One man’s gorgeous is another man’s so-so. This is certainly true of breast implants. For all the men who stare at fake boobs with expressions of abject lust, there are just as many who prefer natural breasts. Chasing Rainbows
Beauty doesn’t last forever. No matter how beautiful you are in your youth, there will come a point when your looks fade and you become invisible to the opposite sex. It’s a fact of life and no matter how many surgical procedures you have to keep the aging process at bay, time will eventually catch up with you (Madonna would do well to take heed of this).

There are some instances where cosmetic surgery is warranted. For example, when someone suffers from serious self esteem issues as a result of a perceived issue with their body, cosmetic surgery can significantly improve their quality of life. Most of the time, however, cosmetic surgery isn’t a magic bullet. If you don’t love yourself, it doesn’t matter how many surgical procedures you have, you will still have self esteem issues to deal with. So isn’t it better to be happy with what you were born with? Only you can decide.

featured image from reveal.co.uk