A Tale of Indian Clothing Tradition

Every country has its own culture and follows different customs and traditions. In India, wedding is a combination of rituals as well as the clothes worn by bride, groom and all their relatives, who are attending the wedding.

Bride and groom both try their best to look gorgeous at their wedding ceremony, in their wedding clothes. The bride will select either an Indian wedding sarees or a lehenga, which are considered as one of the traditional clothes of India; similarly, the groom will wear a sherwani or dhoti kurta, which are considered as the traditional wedding attires for the groom.

The colors are selected carefully for this auspicious ceremony, even the bridesmaids and best men are dressed as beautifully as the bride and groom, but a little less than them, as that day belongs to the bride and groom only. All their relatives who were attending the wedding ceremony wore gold ornaments, including the bride and groom itself.

These Indian weddings generally continue for several days and each day a different ceremony is conducted in which new attires are worn by the bride and groom. Indian wedding sarees and Sherwani were selected in such a way that the color of the dress, symbolizes the meaning of the wedding. In all these wedding ceremonies, special importance is given to each and every detail of the ritual and customs and people need different attires to wear during each ceremony.

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India is the only place where you can witness different styles of wedding ceremonies, its rituals, and other related formalities from region to region and as per the culture. Indian weddings are different from the Christian marriages. Indian marriages have a lot of functions, which have their own importance in the ceremony. Some of the functions are Tilak, Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi, Baraat, Shaadi etc. and then there are several post marriage ceremonies too and both bride and groom wear new clothes for all these events.

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