What your kitchen says about your style sense

In previous years the kitchen was a room with a clear function – to prepare food.

In many ways the heart of a home, even in the era before labour - saving devices, kitchens have always reflected the way that people lived their lives. However, beyond the basic things needed for cooking and washing, there was little room for truly expressing an individual interior style choice in the kitchen.

Today of course things are very different, with a kitchen often being the room that can make or break a property sale because it plays such an important role in family life.

A traditional 'farmhouse' kitchen style isn't just something that appeals to people who live in the countryside.

A large range style cooker matched with cupboard doors and fittings that give a rural feel by using natural wood and stone materials provides the classic backdrop for this look.

The ultra modern kitchen is as far as you can get from this, making the most of new technologies and contemporary design ideas. Steel, chrome and glass are often widely used, along with high-gloss finishes for doors and appliances. Touch sensitive control panels for cookers and fridges give flexibility and flush fitting click catches for doors mean that you can even do away with handles.

Modern or traditional styles for kitchens can depend on the actual layout of the space. The standard model of basically putting shelving and appliances down each side of the room no longer applies, as central hubs built around 'breakfast bar' plinths can radically alter the look of a kitchen.

New homes in Chiswick provide a perfect opportunity to make your choice of kitchen seamlessly fit into your overall interior decor style. By starting from scratch and not having to worry about what the previous owners had done makes things really easy.

This 'blank canvas' approach allows you to let your imagination run free, without being compromised by choices that someone else had made before you.

Ultimately, whatever design you choose for your kitchen, today it is easier than ever before to make it reflect your own personality and sense of style.