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Yes people, you've heard it right. I am a forever jeans / denim lover. I dunno why but for me, jeans are something that I will definitely never get tired of wearing as it is one of those piece of clothing that is very versatile, comfortable and at the same time super chic. Since I am the type of person who always think of comfortability above everything else, jeans are always one of the top choice of bottom wear that I prefer. Also, being a freelancer I do always have lots of errands that's why it is very important for me that I wear something that'll make me comfortable all day.

Anyway, while I was browsing online for new jeans to added on my ever rowing wardrobe I stumbled upon and I must say that I was so so amazed with the variety of clothes that their site has to offer. I can say that of all the online stores that I've seen they are the ones that have the best high waist jeans and buckle jeans. If you are looking for an online store which offers the best buckle jeans for women or for any cheap jeans then I suggest that you check out their site. Here's the link:


1. Elastic Slim Hole Jeans USD $23.69
2. Vogue Korean Style Bow Knot Cut-outs Jeans USD $17.29
3. Korean Style Slim Thick Skinny Jeans USD $15.09
4. Carefree Empire Waist Retro Double Breasted Skinny Jeans USD $20.19

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