Celebrity style: Flawless facial features

Although many of the images we see of famous actors, actresses and singers have been extensively touched up, airbrushed and photo-shopped, we can’t help but admire the flawless appearance of our favourite celebrities. Below is a range of beauty tips from the world’s most famous celebrities – if it works for them, it can work for you!

Stay out of the sun: There are so many covetable features of Jennifer Lopez’s face, but one of the most enviable is her smooth, perfect skin. Staying out of the sun is essential and, when you are in the sun, it’s vital to use a good quality sunscreen and cover up with a hat. J Lo has attested that avoiding the sun as much as possible has protected her skin from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun.

Stay well-hydrated: Regular hydration is pivotal to achieving radiant skin and the ever-sought after appearance of flawless skin. Jo Lo is just one celebrity who espouses drinking lots of water. Keeping well-hydrated helps to maintain the moisture of the skin and is an effective way to delay the signs of aging.

Celebrity MillaJovovich is also renowned for her amazing skin. She is a strong proponent of staying hydrated; she drinks a lot of water and often spritzes her skin with rose water to avoid dehydration. It’s also reported that she uses iced water and cucumber to refresh her face. Jovovich also recommends using large quantities of moisturiser.

Get plenty of sleep: If you want to look fresh, youthful and flawless, you need to give your skin and body the benefits of sleep. Actress and healthy-living advocate, Gwyneth Paltrow, is committed to sleeping for at least eight hours per night and both she and Uma Thurman emphasise the value of sleep for stress relief.

Consume a clean and healthy diet: Some of the world’s most beautiful women, who are also our favourite celebrities, are adamant that the secret to looking flawless and glowing is excellent nutrition. To really take care of your physical health and your appearance, fresh, organic foods are helpful, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein, and good fats. It’s vital that you eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Find balance in your life: Former model Christy Turlington is one of the world’s most supremely beautiful women, globally envied for her flawless facial features. Turlington follows a healthy diet and lifestyle, and says that it is important to achieve beauty from within. Natural beauty involves balance and taking care of yourself on all levels: body, mind and spirit.

Chances are, you greatly admire the flawless facial features of many of the world’s most famous and beautiful celebrities. While many stars recommend and follow a range of strategies that help in the quest for a flawless appearance, some have been known to turn to a professional cosmetic surgeon for help. If you are interested in highlighting or accentuating certain facial features, consider contacting an expert such as Dr Joseph Ajaka found here.