Men’s Guide to this Season’s Suave Trends


Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen. We know what it’s like… summer has arrived and the only thing you want to do is party and throw back some beverages – no time for anything else. The problem with that particular rationing of your days is that you miss out on things equally important like updating your wardrobe. No one will want to hang with you if you don’t look suave, after all. Read on for this season’s top five trends, find your credit card, and step on up.


Let’s start off with the more generic of this season’s trends; prints. The excellence of adding prints to a masculine wardrobe is a one-two punch. Firstly, they can be worn in the form of anything; shorts, hat, socks, whatever, and secondly they’re just so fun for summer time. No one likes a Donald Downer when the temperatures are soaring; instead bring some of that joyful ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any occasion (and maybe some icy poles).

Bomber Jackets

Summer time adventures often include all night shenanigans, so this trend is perfect for when the air has turned slightly chilly at dawn. That’s right – we’re talking jackets, in particular the esteemed bomber jacket. Yes it’s back and yes you should purchase one. The bomber is a great choice for its effortless combination of cool, refinement and playtime for the wearer. Plus they come in a large variety of colours and materials so just know that they’ll be one out there for every man. If you’re on the hunt for a new one, Politix have got your back.

Colour Block Shirts

Trend number three; the colour blocked shirt. Adding this humble piece to any summer outfit will lift it from C Grade to A Grade. Humble in its simplicity, a good colour blocked shirt provides a healthy dose of colour and cool, making you stand out at any event. Part sporty and party preppy, this trend is also a winner because it suits so many different aesthetics. Just make sure your shirt is freshly pressed and is coordinated with the rest of your outfit.


The next big trend in men’s fashion this summer is sportswear. And no, we’re not talking your years-old school jerseys and your soccer boots. Sportswear has gotten fancy and chic, and this means excellent things for you – in addition to looking good you’ll also be feeling comfortable all the time. Plus you’ll always be ready to partake in a little park football. Win, win, win. The key to not falling victim to this trend is to ensure the pieces you wear are high end, and to still put as much thought into choosing an outfit as you would a suit.

Gentleman, summer has arrived and that means it’s time for you to step up your wardrobe game. The above article should definitely have put you on the right track for looking suave this season, so you now have no excuses. See you around, stylish.

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