Joules Wishlist

You guys have no idea how crazy the weather here in the Philippines is these past few weeks. I mean, in the afternoon it is very humid and then at night the rain will suddenly pour. And I know that because of the cray-cray weather, a lot of you especially guys are having a hard time when it comes choosing which clothes to wear that's why I thought that it would be nice to share some clothing pieces which I think are perfect for the weather we're experiencing lately.

Being a huge fan of jumpers, of course this list will not be complet without them so here are three of my most favorite jumpers from Joules:

Navy Stripe Shawford Mens Lightweight Cotton Crew - link
Soft Pink Halsford Mens Crew Neck Sweat - link
Antique Creme Atherton Mens Guernsey Cotton Crew - link

I also includes some trouser since I really am linking the styles of the ones that they offer. They all seems so comfy, perfect for people that's always on the go:

Dijon Yellow Stretton Mens Chinos - link
Red Stretton Mens Chino Trousers - link
Marine Navy Perivale Mens Pleat Front Trouser - link

Aside from the stylish and gorgeous line of sweatshirts, jumpers and trousers I am also loving the wax coats collection at Joules. Compared to the wax jackets I have seen before, I think the the ones from Joules are the best. Not only are they stylish but also perfect for rainy days.

Navy Landsdale Mens Jacket - link
Antique Gold Shoreport Mens Nautical Coat - link
Dark Everglade Whitall Mens Quilted Shacket - link

There you have it, my top 9 picks from Joules. I hope that you all liked the items that I choose just as much as I do. If you guys are looking for great quality, stylish and pocket friendly pieces that you can wear all year round you should check out always remeber to check