How to Look Good in the Country with Liberty Freedom

When it comes to country fashion, normal rules don’t apply.

Footwear changes, hats change, jackets change —everything changes, except maybe your underwear.

Wearing an expensive designer town jacket, although great for making your way through urban areas, would not last long in a muddy, prickly forest.

However, bear in mind that there isn’t ‘one country look’— there are many. A farmer won’t be rocking the latest in equestrian fashion, nor would a horse rider wear an outfit for logging.

But this is how to look good in the country —not a guide to functional logger clothing. So if you’re looking for a place to start, read this country fashion guide by The Spanish Boot Company:

How to Look Good in the Country with Liberty Freedom

Tweed Jackets: Tweed may be functional country-wear, but more importantly it’s fashionable. Warm, breathable, showerproof and hardy, tweed will easily survive any forest encounter.

When it comes to tweed, there’s no better option than a Liberty Freedom jacket. And tweed isn’t all they offer. From quilted jackets to coats (and tweed as well), Liberty Freedom have you covered (no pun intended).

Footwear: With footwear, you have a few options. If you decide go for the standard walking boots, try to get a good pair: leather, waterproof, quality. And definitely go for boots over shoes.

Hiking boots are the best option if you’re planning to make your way up a mountain. However, if that’s not the case —there’s a better option: spanish boots.

Although often associated with equestrian fashion, spanish boots are the best option to look good in the country. And they’re extremely stylish, even if they’re not fit for mountaineering

Trousers: Here, your best bet is a nice pair of showerproof, breathable (this is essential —there’s no point in keeping the rain off if you sweat buckets inside) trousers. And if you stick to sombre looking colours (grey, light brown), they’ll match up with more items in your wardrobe.

They should be showerproof instead of fully waterproof for a reason —they look better and are ideal in most situations. However, a fully waterproof pair is useful to have rolled up for emergency situations.

Headgear: If you don’t normally wear hats, now’s your chance. Many, many people wear a hat in the country, making it the perfect place to experiment with your look.

A flat, tweed cap is the ideal starting point, and as with tweed jackets —avoid faux-tweed, it won’t last. And in colder weather, if you’d prefer, a woollen beanie is fine too.

With all these items, you may be tempted to go for something a little more ambitious, but just think what you’ll look like when covered with mud and manure…

Although more functional than townie clothes, you don’t have to sacrifice style —you can still look your best.

Looking good in the country can be challenging at first, but with the help of these ideas and trusted brands like Liberty Freedom and Hackett, getting to grips with country fashion has never been easier.