Men’s Leather Biker Jackets: Top 7 Celebrities Who Wear the Biker Jacket


One of the great things about a leather biker jacket is their versatility not only to wear with a variety of clothing but also the ability to fit in with any season. Although men’s biker jackets have held the epitome of cool for the ‘rebel without a cause’ generation for decades it’s not until recently that their influence has infiltrated into the mainstream with celebrities from all walks of life.

A leather jacket is an item that every man should have in their wardrobe. If you’re still unsure why, take a look at these famous blokes below who show you that they can be worn in style at any time.

7 male celebrities that know how to wear a leather biker jacket

7) Brad Pitt – Carpe Diem
Brad Pitt has a variety of styles but his ability to wear a leather jacket cannot be doubted. He enjoys riding his Swift motorcycle and with that comes a practical men’s leather biker jacket that fits in well with his laid back, live and let live attitude.

6) Hugh Jackman – Superhero Status
Mr. Wolverine may have the sharpest claws but you can be assured the quality of his leather biker jacket means it will never be pierced.Jackman can be found sporting a tan jacket in X-Men and a variety of soft leather jackets as he ambles around town. Needless to say, he does this with a lot of swag and ease. We’ve heard rumours he was born with a leather biker jacket, but we’re still investigating this.

5) Russell Brand – Modern Day Rebellion
Russell tends be the type of guy you either love or hate, but there’s one garment that unites us all, his leather biker jacket of course. Russell is a modern day rebel, often seen at anti-establishment protests and purporting his views on rejecting modern day politics, his jacket fits his persona perfectly. He can be often found strolling the picturesque streets of London with his tight fit biker jacket for men.

4) Arnold Schwarzenegger – Strength and Power
Arnie raised the profile of the leather jacket into another echelon with his most famous movies, The Terminator and Terminator II. The type of biker jacket Arnie wore provided an identity of strength, resilience and downright no holds barred world protection. We can begin to understand why every man desires at least one of these in their wardrobe.

3) John Travolta – A Jacket for the youth
Travolta represented the men’s biker jacket for a generation of high schoolers that just wanted some summer loving. The black jacket greasers combined love and sexual undertones and defined the jacket as a symbol connection and not just rebellion.

2) Marlon Brando – Passion in the Leather
When Marlon Brando was depicted in “The Wild One” screen viewers were taken back with astonishment at his style. This garment, now known as the classic motorcycle jacket, defined not only Brando as a true tear-away fashion symbol but the jacket as the go to garment for every man who knew that without it, they’d be terribly incomplete.

1) James Dean – Captain of Cool
The black leather jacket that James wore became iconic and synonymous with the rebel. Without much effort James Dean’s persona defined his style which in turn defined generations, even up to the present day. James lived up to the true ‘rebel without a cause’, inspired millions and will always be etched into the fashion hall of fame for his ultimate cool.

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