High-End Hoodies: A Definitive Buyers Guide


The hoodie is such a wardrobe staple that it’s easy to find any old hoodie on the high street or online.But the best hoodies stand the test of time. They look good, feel good and wear well.

A hoodie should be warm, comfortable and stylish. It’s a casual wardrobe item that you’ll return to time and time again so when you purchase a hoodie, you should look at it as an investment piece. Here’s our guide to buying a high-end hoodie.

A Buying Guide to High-End Hoodies

Hoodie Sizing
Sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish between any old hoodie and a high-end one. A mark of quality for hoodies is the fit. Unless it’s designed to be loose-fitting or it’s a unisex hoodie, it should fit snugly but still offer enough room for comfort. Often women’s hoodies are designed to be figure-hugging, so if you’re a woman who likes to wear loose clothing, go for a men’s hoodie that will offer give you a nice, loose fit. Stick to light colours to retain a hint of femininity.

Hoodie Designs
If you’re buying your hoodie in an online hoodie store, it’s easy to get carried away with the look of an item but don’t be blinded by style. There are lots of great designs you can choose, but a great logo or design doesn’t mean that your hoodie is high quality.

Choose a style of hoodie that ticks the right boxes in terms of fashion, but be sure to look at the details too.Often when you’re buying a hoodie online, you’ll find extra details about its features, such as materials, whether it’s lined and washing instructions. Find a hoodie that also offers functionality as well as one that looks great. The main purpose of a hoodie is to keep you warm and give you years of casual, comfy wear.

Make Sure the Price is Right
Buying a hoodie isn’t all about the price tag. If you’re buying a high-end hoodie, be sure that you’re getting value for your money. See if the hoodie has extra features that make it more comfortable or functional. Is it a zip-up hoodie or a pull-on hoodie? Does the hood fasten with a drawstring or does it have a clasp? Beware of buying a hoodie with a crass logo. You can go for bold designs but make sure that your hoodie reflects who you are and your general style. If you splash out on a hoodie but don’t look at the finer details, you could end up paying the price.

Affordable High-End Hoodies
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