Do Organic Make Up Products Make a Real Difference?

Many of today’s consumers are turning to natural and organic products because they are healthier alternatives to their chemical counterparts. While the Food and Drug Administration places tough restrictions on household cleaning products and food, your make-up and skin care options may be lacking in restrictions. This could leave you vulnerable to harmful toxins and additives. Such products like Image Skincare that focus on the purity of ingredients truly help eliminate any chemical threats to your skin.

Protect Your Nose
Make-up manufacturers use artificial perfumes to cover-up the chemicals used in your standard skin care products. Unfortunately, covering up one chemical with another can damage your senses. It can also lead to headaches and nausea. Organic health and beauty products are made using natural ingredients. Items that are scented will be naturally perfumed with essential oils that are often used in aromatherapy sessions.

Be Kind to the Environment
Health and beauty products manufactured with conventional methods can have a negative impact on Mother Earth. In addition to contaminating the water and air, the harmful chemicals used in your basic products can pollute your home when they enter your drain. Make-up products that are made using organic products place fewer toxins in the environment.

Skin Contact
The largest organ of the human body is the epidermis. It’s also the freeway to the body’s blood stream. When you apply make-up and other beauty products on your skin, the chemicals travel quickly through your blood stream. This can be especially dangerous because the average consumer applies make-up or some other skin care system to the human body almost every day. This can significantly increase a person’s risk of cancer. However, most people can eliminate these toxins by selecting products that are safe and organic. In addition to protecting your body from the harsh effects of the toxins, your body can reap the many benefits of the natural ingredients.

Avoidable Irritants
Artificial colors, harmful chemicals and fillers found in most health and beauty products can cause painful redness, breakouts and skin irritations. They can also cause allergic reactions such as swollen lips, red bumps and peeling skin. Products that are made out of organic and natural materials positively work in tandem with the skin to promote a healthy appearance.

Healthy Looking Skin
Eating a healthy diet, drinking water and using organic cosmetics can allow the skin to retain its luster and vibrant appearance. However, choosing to use a product with harmful chemicals can undo your good efforts and increase your chances of skin damage with every use.

Animal Testing
Organic and natural cosmetics make a difference when it comes to animal testing. The majority of the natural manufacturers refuse to test their make-up on animals. For individuals who are vegan and concerned about the treatment of animals, natural products are an ideal resolution.

Free Your Skin from Parabens
Parabens are found in most of your traditional make-up and skin care products. They are also meant to act as a preservative to extend their shelf life. Unfortunately, recent studies have found parabens to have serious long-term side effects that could accelerate the aging process and cause certain cancers. The skin care lines make it difficult to decipher and will often mask the phrase behind specific terms such as fragrance. Organic products won’t harm the human body because they focus on natural preservatives such as grapefruit seed extract instead.

Choosing the best make-up and skin care products for your body can seem like a chore. However, the benefits of adding organic and natural cosmetics to your skin care regimen can far outweigh your traditional chemical-laden choices.