Designing a Deck Around Your Amenities

If you are looking for unique deck design ideas, one of the best places to start is simply by looking at the amenities and extras that you want with the deck. You can then design it around those things, making it both unique and functional at the same time. Too often, people are so focused on finding a unique, interesting design that they forget that it needs to be functional as well, and they just skip right over that aspect of the deck. Starting out with this in mind will make it very easy for you to design a deck that works beautifully.

For example, maybe you are thinking about having a hot tub put into the deck. You want to be able to crank up the heat and relax any time of year, from the warm evenings in the summer to the cold days in the heart of winter. Many people add a hot tub on at the end, but this means that they just tack it off to the side, up against the wall. This is not ideal because it does not have the best view, but they do not feel like they have a choice since the pluming and the electrical hookups are against that wall.

Starting out with a hot tub means that you can put it right in the center of the deck, where it will act as a beautiful centerpiece, as a focal point for the whole project. This also ensures that it has the best view so that you will really enjoy sitting in it and looking off over the landscape. Furthermore, this means that it does not have to be up against one wall of the house. As the deck is built, you can just have the electrical lines and the plumbing lines run under the decking. No one will ever see them, but they allow you to hook the hot tub up from anywhere.

The best thing about this is that the whole setup looks intentional. You can have benches put around the hot tub, or you could have it set in a recessed area so the top of it is flush with the deck. People will see it and enjoy the innovative design that flows so nicely from one part of the deck to the next. This enhances the curb appeal of your home, which can also impact the value.