Freshwater Pearls: Rediscover an Icon

The worldwide jewellery market is the product of an industry focused on glamour, with an emphasis on the new and exciting. Because of this, traditional styles and their beauty and growth are often overlooked, leading many to miss the innovations taking place.

Pearls are a traditional jewellery style that is often granted less of the spotlight due to the proliferation in popularity of diamonds, or pushed aside by the world's unsolvable quest for more and more gold and silver. Nevertheless, pearls continue to grow, and the processes for making beautiful jewellery from them are growing, too. In this article we will reveal how an icon of the jewel industry continues to thrive today.

Many strong, powerful and iconic women throughout history have worn beautiful collections of pearls in a variety of meaningful styles. These people range from the illustrious fashion designer Coco Chanel to the tragic actress Marilyn Monroe. It felt that once upon a time every female celebrity who graced the red carpet would be wearing their favourite pearl necklace.

Glamorous women of the golden age of pearl jewellery would usually wear expensive saltwater pearls, recovered by fishermen who would take dangerous journeys to find molluscs in vast oceans.

Since this age of stardom for pearl jewellery, other methods of pearl farming have developed in order to find the jewels used for the manufacture of beautiful necklaces, bracelets and pearl earrings. Freshwater pearls, recovered from rivers and other smaller beds of water, have become another very popular choice for jewellery manufacturing over the past few decades.

Freshwater pearls are manufactured in a different way than other forms of pearls, and require a meticulous delicate procedure in order to procure their beauty from their shells. Manufactured primarily in China, these precious jewels are created by implanting cells into the shells of molluscs in order to encourage the growth of natural, beautiful pearls within.

Freshwater pearls have become increasingly popular due to the fact they are generally more affordable than expensive saltwater pearls, whilst carrying the same sparkle and elegance expected of the world's most iconic jewellery. The popularity of freshwater pearls across earrings, bracelets and beautiful pearl necklaces has brought a new life to these traditional pieces, and helped pearls once again find their spotlight amongst other elegant jewellery pieces.

One fine example of a modern day take on pearl jewellery stems from Alexander McQueen who made headlines when he displayed his take on traditional Elizabethan era pearl jewellery, a face mask made up of gorgeous pearls in floral styles.

Celebrities on the red carpet have also displayed their penchant for pearls with brilliant necklaces and bracelets, gracing headlines alongside famous faces both young and old and proving once again that pearls never go out of fashion.

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