Japanese Ikebana for Every Season

Ever since I was younger I have already been very much interested and fascinated with the Japanese culture, I guess one of the main factors why is because I have a lot of relatives who work and now lives in Japan. I always hear a lot of great stuff about Japan from the food to the fashion, technology and of course, their culture. I really like and admire how rich and colorful their history is. There are tons of really interesting stuff which I really love knowing more about like Origami which is their traditional art about paper folding which my mom is so good at! I also admire the Japanese Ikebana which all about flower arrangement. Japanese Ikebana is actually one of the stuff which I always watch on youtube, I found japanese's way of arranging flower tastefully done and very timeless. Anyway, speaking of the Japanese Ikebana, I recently found this book called Japanese Ikebana for Every Season which is written by Rie Imai and Yuji Ueno and I instantly fell in-love the moment I saw it. Flipping through it's page is really exciting and fun as it is filled with lots of great and interesting flower arrangements which you'll definitely love and want to try, this book is indeed an epitome of how Japanese Ikebana can be accessible just to anyone.

I actually also found this book a perfect gift especially now that Valentine's day is just less than a couple of weeks away. I am very much sure that the person that will receive this book are going to love this book that is filled with amazing photos and inspiration on how to create a beautiful flower arrangements perfect for your home as a centerpiece.

So again, if you are looking for a book that is filled with tons of authentic japanese ideas and inspiration regarding the art of flower arrangement then I highly recommend this book.