Fireplace and Mantle Décor Ideas

Whether you like it or not, a fireplace is a focal point in any room that has one, so how you decorate it can have a major impact on your interior design overall.

You can make smaller alterations, such as changing out the artwork above your mantle or the objects on top of it. Or you can make changes to the actual fireplace materials themselves.

Here are a few ideas from Northshore Fireplace to help inspire your design choices:
Lighten it up - Large fireplaces often dominate a room’s décor, sometimes taking away from other features you’d like to highlight. Help tone yours down a bit by painting it a lighter color. You can even go as far as painting everything a true white. Then dress up the mantle with earthy blues, greens, and browns.

Give it some pop - Does your fireplace seem a bit drab? Try adding a bright blue, green, or white to the trim as well as mantle decorations. Then tie it all together by hanging a painting that color above it. Try a mirror instead. It’s traditional to add a painting over a fireplace, but you can change it up a bit and provide a more modern feel by hanging a mirror. This is particularly interesting for rooms that are small since it can help the space feel larger.

Forget the mantle - Instead, take the brick or stone work all the way up to the ceiling. Depending on the particular material used, it can provide a warm, cozy feel or a light, modern one.

Add some shimmer - Forget traditional materials. Bring in some shine with mosaic tile. Your fireplace will be the “jewel” of your home, and the effect will be even more pronounced when you have a fire going.

Find an antique mantle - Replace your plain mantle with one that has a little more personality. It can take a little hunting down, but salvage stores and antique shops are great sources. You can bring new life to an old mantle with just a little effort, stain, and lacquer.

Go with slate - Slate stone provides a cool, contemporary feel that looks particularly good when brought all the way to the ceiling. Find furniture that matches the cool colors for a clean, cohesive room.

Create an adobe look - With plaster and a bold paint color, you can have a fireplace with an adobe look. Complement it with Southwestern mantle decorations.

Add wall sconces - If you have a wide mantle on a large wall, try mounting a sconce on either side of it. Then choose a round piece of artwork for the center to tie them together.

Go floral - Bring in warm, vibrant, and seasonal colors by keeping several vases on your mantle and changing out the flowers depending on the time of year. Bright oranges and reds tend to go very well with the color of the flames.

Lean your frames - Put a twist on the usual painting above the mantle by leaning one (or several) there instead of hanging. The feeling is a little more laidback and contemporary, so find artwork that matches that feel.

Recess your flat panel TV - Many households mount their TVs above the fireplace, but the modern piece of equipment sometimes clashes with the more traditional feel of the fireplace. To still keep the convenience of the TV placement but fix the aesthetic issue, you can actually build the TV into the wall and enclose it in doors that match the fireplace or the wall.

Make it vertical - Select a long painting that really eats up the vertical space, and then fill the space on either side of it with tall candlesticks, vases, and other objects that carry on the vertical theme.

Bring in the molding - Add some character to the wall behind your fireplace by adding molding that frames the space. Paint it the same color as your walls, and then fill it with smaller pieces of art or a mirror.

Paint a small accent wall - Add a bright color just on the area above the mantle. Select the color based on another object in the room that you want to draw attention to. It could be the decorative pillows on your sofa or the area rug – whatever inspires you. These ideas are just the beginning of what’s possible. A fireplace gives you so many elements to work with – consider how changes to each of them will impact the overall look and feel.