Curtain Decor Tips For Modern Apartments

Few days after Pantone released the color of the year 2014, stores started to change their displays to showcase as many items as possible that incorporate the Pantone's color of the year 2014, Radiant Orchid. From small accent pieces to large furniture, 2014 will be surrounded by a diversity of purples and while a large amount of homeowners prefer to have their home ready for the holidays, there is still a considerable amount of individuals that opt for changing the look of their home right after the New Year. Either way, if you live in a modern apartment in the city and you are looking for ways to dress up your windows, this article is for you.

Select the Right Window Treatment
A lot of people have the misconception that if you live in a modern space you should adopt the less is more policy. Well, this is not necessarily true. When it comes to window treatment, I have to say that every window needs one, including the over-sized floor-to-ceiling windows. If your apartment comes with over-sized windows and a “to die for” view, consider installing sheer curtains like these from Moshells, as opposed to heavy weight draperies. Look for neutral colors that will enhance the view while adding some privacy to your home.

If your apartment faces south and it comes with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows, sheers can be a great way to break the space into sections without compromising the view. Think of the sheers as the walls of your room. For more privacy as well as sun control, consider installing automated roller shades. Besides modern, and easy to maintain, such shades can be adjusted separately allowing you to control the exact amount of lighting in your home with the simple touch of a button. While most of the shade’s height will be pretty close to the window’s height, the curtain’s height will vary. For more modern look consider full height curtains as it will give the space a crispier look, making the ceiling look taller than it actually is. Plus, if you have an entire wall of full height windows, having curtains from floor to ceiling will also help to frame the space.

Look for the right colors
Choosing curtains can be overwhelming at times as the options for colors, patterns and even fabric are endless. However, when selecting curtains, you should consider it as part of the space. Look around, and take pictures of your furnishings, flooring and wall colors. This way it will be easier for you to visualize the room when shopping for curtains. Because curtains are made to last more than a season, you should opt for colors and patterns that will be in fashion for few years, especially if you are having them custom made. Often people ask me what’s the best color for window treatment. The answer is always the same: one size does not fit all. When selecting the color for your curtains, you need to have a clear idea of what do you want to accomplish. Do you want your curtains to blend in or to stand out in the room? Will you be they fully operable curtains or simply decorative? How long do you want them to last? If you are selecting curtains for different rooms, are you planning to swap curtains among rooms from time to time or will those curtains remain in one room? If in the bedroom, will them be coordinating with the bedding or surrounding furniture? When you move to the next home, are you planning to take them with you?

Because most of the rental homes come with pre-painted walls that are almost always cream or off-white, many tenants think it would be a great idea to add color and patterns to the space by selecting bold curtains. Unfortunately this concept doesn't work as often as you think. If your living room is modern, the walls are already off-white, and your furniture is anything but white, consider either an off-white color for your curtains or a bold color that will be applied to both curtains and pillows [or throws]. Keeping the number of colors to 3 will help you to create a more modern space.