Vinyls - Yes, but in Moderation

If you thought that this post is about those vinyls as disks that spin, sorry this is not the music section. In this post I will talk about the vinyl to stick on your wall as decoration. Talking about vinyl is a very serious thing, more serious than it may seem at first. We are talking about a subject that you will see for a long time, from the same minute that you decide on one until that time that you will go a long hard road of indecision. However, they increase your community collections and are very interesting to have.

But be careful! They can be addictive. I have one in my house. I still remember it took me too much time to deciding on it. The great handicap of vinyl is that while you decide on one, you’ll afterwards always see another that you like more and you had not seen. You can find them in a supermarket, specialty store or online and are generally easy to find. In my vinyl crazy time, I had vinyl on the walls, furniture and appliances. In this turbulent period, I came to a conclusion: If you fall into excess, your house or room will appear to be dwarfed. Plus do not ever mix vinyls even with related topics as you can end up in the scenery of the Lion King or in the middle of a terrible scene of Halloween. Let’s start:

Skylines and cities known in black and white or at most, two colors are good for this. They tend to occupy a lot of space but have a lot of personality. Phrases with messages can be some of these. They could not miss butterflies, hearts, geometric shapes, seedlings but really, anything goes. Luckily today adhesive quality vinyl is better and can be used and taken off whenever you want, without damaging the wall. I've tried it, I assure you.

Also Vinyl shaped photo frames look great, are ultra-feminine and their use is widespread. A good choice of background color on the wall, power and light with the chosen theme can be a difficult combination but turn out gracefully! The clarity of the paint and the vinyl can contrasts with dark furniture producing a very nice effect.

There are also decals for kids which are essential! Encouraging the imagination of the very young is a must. Even in my childhood I would have preferred a vinyl with a theme. Also please do not further stigmatize doors and jambs. Almost papering the walls with the name of the small is inevitable, when the illusion of a new shoot overflows dads and moms. Use decals for this too. It is very convenient, because it is easier to remove as the age of the minor is demanding changes. Always with love and today with decorative vinyl stuck to the heart.