Luxurious Indeed

Currently drooling over this really chic grey coat that I saw at Tommy Ton's blog, It seems so chic and very cosy... perfect for the upcoming winter and holiday seasons. But as of this moment I actually am not yet planning of getting one since what's on my want list for this December is something luxurious like dressing gowns.

Anyway, if you looking for some dressing gowns like me that looks very luxurious but still, really affordable then you should check out New and Lingwood. They do sell a wide range of stunning dressing gowns for men that have really great designs such as florals, herringbones, skulls and crossbones and so much more!

Also, they are currently offering 15% off if you are a new customer. This offer is valid till November 2013 only so hurry and purchase a dressing gown now.