Men’s Style Rules for Autumn 2013

Shopping through boutiques such as Boudi you might be wondering what trends have been hitting the catwalks for this season, well just as the book says ’50 Shades of Grey’ is certainly what we are in for this Autumn/Winter when it comes to men’s fashion. The easiest trend to follow Autumn Winter 2013 for men, grey matched with grey, mixed patterns and different shades a plenty but always the same colour, each designer is putting their own twist on it but the hue remains the same. Suits appeared in slate and charcoal or gunmetal patterns, whether for the office or the weekend there was something on show that would work.

Making sure that you don’t feel like every item is disguised as a rain cloud there’s some claret thrown in the mix too. Like a juicy red wine swirled in a glass it appeared in velvets and silks as whole outfits or just a splash. If red is just not up your street take a look at the blues that are making a scene as well. Whilst claret may be making the most noise there is definitely some raucous coming from the periwinkle at Gucci or baby blues from Nicole Farhi and many more alike.

Not to make it seem like there was no fun being had there was a sporty number or two to be seen as well. Baseball jackets in a variety of materials dotted the catwalks, perfect for anyone still clinging to their men's designer t-shirts and wanting something on trend to go with it, this more casual trend will be just what you are looking for. Making sure this trend was not just for the Jocks amongst us, there were several options of jackets made with suede or leather too, casual luxury was the key to the designs.

What’s the first thing you think of if someone mentions keeping warm for Winter? For many people fur is the first thing that springs to mind and for this coming season the catwalks did not disappoint. Designers went full on with their love for fur with mink making an appearance at Hermes and rabbit at Armani. Some designers mixed and matched to liven things up but they all made sure it was a luxurious as possible. Autumn/Winter 2013 will really be a mixed bag for men’s fashion with some very strong trends and then a few more subtle ones for those of you not quite brave enough to head out in a pyjama patterned blazer or some oversized squares this season.