Cashmere Weather Is So Here

Wrapping up in cashmere is the definition of cozy. Nothing feels quite like it. The light-weight and luxurious nature of this supreme and unique fabric has been sought after through the ages. These days cashmere products are readily available. From baby booties to blankets this natural fiber can be dyed and treated to transform everyday items into unique and durable treasures. Products made from cashmere are often deemed lavish and welcomed gifts to men and women alike.

Cashmere's exceptional softness and strength has been used to create clothing for thousands of years. It is derived from harvesting the undercoats of cashmere goats. The process of farming cashmere goats differs depending on the country of origin. The fiber can be collected after moulting season, shorn, as a sheep would be or hand-combed. Hand-combing is widely considered to be the best way to achieve a cashmere product that is pure and devoid of any stray hair in the batch. The coat of the animal consists of a wiry outer coat called "guard hair" and the soft undercoat, "cashmere". Stringent government guidelines must be adhered to in order for the resulting material to be labeled "Cashmere". Buy the best cashmere sweater at

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