Crockett and Jones

It's fashion week right now in Stockholm that's why I am really currently gaga browsing on the latest collections and of course, the street styles. Despite my busy working schedule I still do always make time to somehow give a bit of my time to indulge on the amazing look on the streets. I've actually already seen a lot of interesting looks. I love the fact that a lot of people in Stockholm are not afraid of trying out eccentric looks. From the clothes to accessories and even shoes. Speaking of shoes, are you planning of attending an event like fashion week? Looking for a new shoes that will caught the attention of everyone especially the photographers? If the answer is yes then you should go ahead and visit Crockett and Jones a site that offers a wide range of stylish and high quality shoes for both men and women. Their shoes can be found worldwide in most major cities like Belgium, France and New York so if you're in one of those cities that you should go ahead and check them out.

image: dapperlou