Living Room Lovin'

If you have been a reader of my blog for quite a long time now you might already have noticed especially on my decor posts how obsessed I am when it comes to Scandinavian design. I really am a huge fan of black and whites ever since. This living room which I found on Scandinavian Deko really caught my attention. even though it's not totally black and white I still find this living room really lovely. It seems like this place is so comfy especially the sofa which seems so soft and can perfectly be a comfort spot.

sofas are one of biggest furniture or accessory that your visitors will surely notice upon walking at your front door. It can make or break the kind of impression you are trying to make for your home and its interior decoration. To give you some idea and insights on how to choose the perfect sofa, I listed down some personal tips and advice below. They work wonders in terms of choosing the right sofa that complements the home style and interior decoration you currently have.

Your living room or the space where your sofa will be placed can be pretty spacious enough to accommodate a large sofa. But the question is, is it passable through your main door? It’s one of the most important stuff to remember that is often overlooked when buying a sofa. People who forget to measure the size of their door often end up returning and replacing the sofa they bought or worst, bring down their door and carve more space around it to make the sofa passable. So aside from measuring the space where your sofa will be placed, measure your door size as well.

For the colors, it’s best to buy sofa that goes well with the color of your interior decoration. If you are unsure about what is the best color to get, ask for help from sofa experts. For example, Roomes Furniture online store offers their customers tips and advice via their Facebook page. Take advantage of it and post your question along with the photo of your home and interior decoration. I am quite sure you will get an expert answer in a matter of minutes or so.

Getting the right type or kind type of sofa is extremely important as well. Again, asking expert opinion about what to get is what I can recommend. With above tips, I am pretty sure you can get the right sofa for your home. Happy sofa hunting!