Sugar Pageant Dresses

Sugar pageant dresses for girls are spectacular in their unique designs and vibrant colors. Pageant Designs is proud to offer these captivating fashions, which have been present in many contests such as Little Miss and National Junior Pageant competitions. Young ladies of any age sparkle in the fabulously bright colors and eye-catching designer gowns with their tiers of gorgeous organza, taffeta and chiffon.

Spectacular intricate bodices, long sashes, and captivating accessories add to the over-all elegant appearance. Embellishments such as floral appliques, beads, sequins and rhinestones are sewn in for extra beauty and to reflect the shine of spotlights on stage. Petticoats can go under the floor length dresses in order to add body and volume to enhance the size and beauty of the skirts. A girl in these pageants enjoys showing off her beauty, style, confidence, glowing personality and how she can carry herself with grace as she tries to win a crown and earn a name for herself in that unique world of entertainment. Wearing a gorgeous value-priced dress from Pageant Designs as she competes makes each event even more special because she knows she is exceptionally beautiful and stands out from the crowd in her own way.