PFW: Givenchy Fall 2013

Posted On March 6, 2013
Givenchy Fall 2013 Givenchy Fall 2013
 Riccardo Tisci’s sublime Givenchy collection for Fall 2013 literally gave me goosies. The plaids and leathers, gypsy inspired patterns and details from the tops up to the sheer tulle ankle-length skirts we're really stunning. I love the fact that for this season Tisci opted for a more boyish over-sized type of sweat shirts which complemented very well on the see through skirts with floral applique details.
Givenchy Fall 2013 Givenchy Fall 2013 Givenchy Fall 2013
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  1. From all the high end and designer's brand, Givency is on my top list. :) I love how to style printed peg :)

  2. Not sure which of the models are male and which are females.. :P

  3. I definitely love the play of colors in that collection :DD I'm digging the skirts!