Jewellery that complements your style

Jewellery has to be one of the best ways to showcase your style and personality, providing that essential flair your look needs to transform from the mundane to the magnificent. But which kind of jewellery suits you best? Here's a quick guide to the three main jewellery philosophies. 

EdgyYour mantra: “There is no such thing as too much”
To give your style that rock star edge, pile on the leather and gold bracelets – the more chains and spikes the better. The brand Love Bullets creates covetable accessories with a twist: each of their pieces features bullets and cartridges, resulting in a surprisingly wearable line of unique jewellery. The Diamante Flower Ring is a particularly glamorous highlight of the collection. You can channel a more subtle statement with double or triple rings, or with rings linked by a chain from ring to index finger. 

ClassicYour mantra: “My jewellery goes with everything” 
You surround yourself with beautiful pieces that will never age and ensure they will make any item of your wardrobe shine with glamour. An obvious investment item would be a high-quality metal wrist watch in silver, gold or the colour of the moment, rose gold. Silver earrings set with pearls or crystals add sleek sophistication, and the collection by Bottega Veneta currently offers a plethora of stunning sterling silver agate earrings with glass detailing. 

BohoYour mantra: “Texture is my best friend” 
For that intriguing well-travelled vibe, try rooting around vintage shops for authentic pieces full of character, featuring beads, fringing and feathers. For a more luxurious bohemian look, try Sam Ubhi’s collection of whimsical necklaces, created using shells, charms and semi precious stones. Whether your style is edgy, classic or boho, one accessory that suits all tastes is an American Express credit card. Choose from a variety of great cards that allow you to earn exclusive membership points as you spend, redeemable against top treats like hotel stays, flights and luxury experiences. You can apply for a credit card online with American Express in just 10 minutes, or alternatively take a look at the range of charge cards, which give you excellent rewards, plus the financial flexibility of no pre-set spending limits or interest charges.

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