#StreetStyle: Collarrific

Hello!!! Well, this past few days (or should I just say week) is a very busy one and I can feel that the coming days are gonna be busy as well. Aside from updating my blog I still have few more blog designs which I need to finish. It's kind of exhausting but still, I am very happy because I am given the opportunity of doing what I love to do.

Anyway, let me just share to you all these few street style photos that I found on Tommy Ton's of Jak and Jil website. You know, I am very huge fan of collared tops especially those printed ones even if I do not really have much of them. I dunno, I guess I just found the really cool and chic at the same time. Speaking of collars, are you looking for new collar cuffs? If the answer is yes then I suggest that you guys head on to Qstays.com now. They have a wide range of collar stays which I am very sure you all are gonna love. Aside from the different sized collar stays, they also have those that are engraved which is perfect if you're into personalized stuffs.


  1. great streetstyles :)