Blogging 101: Make Your Blog Posts Look More Professional

First of all, I just want to clarify (yes, that's the term) that I am not a professional blogger and I do not consider myself one. But being in the blogging industry for almost seven year and having learned a lot of things when it comes to blogging after gazillion mistakes I guess I have "in a way" the right to tell and well, share a little bit of the blogging knowledge that I know to other bloggers especially to those that are just starting and wanting to know more on how to make it in the blogging world.

Here are simple writing tips from me, to you. Tips that are sure to make your blog post more professional looking... and clean too! And oh!!! Before I forgot, pardon my English. xo

TEXT FONT AND SIZE - When it comes to fonts, use those that are easy in the eyes. Some of my favorites are Times New Roman; Courier New and Trebuchet MS. The ideal size is from 10px-12px. It is ALSO recommended that you avoid fancy fonts like Comic Sans and the other curly ones.

TEXT ALIGNMENT AND FORMATTING - Lately, I have seen a lot of blogger aligning their texts on the center and I consider it a big NO-NO. Text should always be formatted according to the general Web formatting guidelines. This Means, you have to left or justify your articles. On some instances centered text looks good but I suggest you to align your text at the center if it's a quote or a photo caption/ description you are making.

PHOTOS - Every blog needs to be visually appealing and the best way to do so is by means of pictures (just think of the saying "picture paints a thousand words".) This, I consider the most important element in every blog post. I personally am very choosy when it comes to posting photos on my blog, every pictures you see in my blog are chosen carefully. Use consistent positioning and sizing to make your posts look streamlined, clean, and professional rather than cluttered and confusing.

It is also advisable to use high quality photos. But if you don't have a quality camera you may manipulate your photo using an editor. Just play with the contrast and brightness until you achieve the best quality for your photo.

LINKS - When adding links in your post, always make sure that you make your links open in a new tab/ browser. By doing so, you are sure that your reader will not leave your blog.

Here are some examples of blogs that I think exemplify great blog writing:
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Now that you’ve done the work, make sure to share your post via all of your social media networks, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and wherever else you participate. While you don’t want to overload or spam people, sharing your post multiple times can help account for different time zones or preferred reading times.

"Do you have any questions regarding blogging? If the answer is yes, now is your time to ask. Just comment below your burning blogging questions and I will answer it." photo