Lee Coren

Lee Coren is a 25 years old graphic/textile designer from Israel and is a recent graduate in Visual Communications that took a turn after into textile design, where she found her true passion. She design patterns that are inspired by her local environment, and then hand print them using the classic method of screen printing with a special technique developed, making each item unique, a true one of a kind.
Above are some of the pieces from her latest collection called ‘Local Environment’ - in which she took forgotten local icons that are most common in typical Israeli cities, such as curved window bars and plastic shutters, and brought them back to life in a fresh perspective through exciting textile patterns.

Stunning right?! I swear, I am really in-looove in gazillion level with her collection. Her designs are really something that I would definitely wear, most especially this Canvas Tote which I found really perfect for people like me who always carry a lot of stuffs. This Fold Over Clutch as well is a perfect pair for the tote i just mentioned earlier. Ps; I like this Peachy Pink Cotton Scarf too!