Thank You Fairy Hobmother!

Just recently, while I was doing my regular blog hopping session I have stumbled on a blog entry regarding the Fairy Hobmother. I got really curious of course when I have found out that this generous Fairy is giving away gifts that's why I have decided to search him (Yes, The Fairy Hobmother is a guy and his name is Matthew.) on Google to know more about him. I "stalked" him on twitter as well and continued leaving comments on other blog entries hoping for a visit. I even emailed him and then one morning when I checked my email I received a very wonderful message from Him. I really did not expect that he will reply to me. However, since He is THE Fairy Hobmother, He did reply. That moment, I really felt super blessed knowing that i was one of the lucky bloggers to receive a gift from him.

When the Fairy Hobmother isn’t spreading joy and happiness across the blogosphere, he’s supplying customers with hobs, refrigerators, Freezers and more at which is based in the UK.

The Fairy Hobmother flies from blog to another reading comments and randomly selecting readers who is worthy to receive an Amazon gift code. Would you like a visit from the Fairy Hobmother? If the answer is yes, then leave a sweet and lovely comment below and you just might wake up to a wonderful surprise!