I am so sure that you've heard a lot about Boticca in the past few months from many fashion bloggers. They have been also seen in the pages of Vogue, Glamour, BAZAAR, In Style, Elle & more.

What is Boticca? Boticca is an online boutique where you can find the most unique jewelry and fashion accessories made by top emerging designers from around the world. It is curated and edited by a team of fashion experts, designers, stylists, editors, bloggers and collectors who illustrate the culture, stories and inspiration behind the collections on the site. Boticca was born out of an inspired moment when one of the founders discovered a rare find in the bustling Medina of Marrakesh, and realized that such unique design talent was almost impossible to find.

Via Boticca’s online platform, designers can exhibit their exquisite pieces and connect directly with their customers. This enables the customer to buy directly from the designer, interact with them at each stage of the design and order process. The website’s international customer base represents a burgeoning movement for unique, high-impact fashion from inspiring independent designers.

When I went to check out Boticca, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety I found. Hundreds of Designers from more than forty countries sold everything from bracelets to necklaces, rings, scarves, iPad accessories, to totes. Similar to Etsy, everything is handcrafted, but Boticca is way less cutsey and quirky.

The Wharton gold circle tassel earrings, $55.50 by Jennifer Loiselle / The Clemence woven necklace in sapphire/purple $140.00 by Jennifer Loiselle / Fluoro Eivissa Cuff, $300 by Bex Rox / LOVE-HOPE-FAITH Ring, $81.50 by Chic Jewel Couture / Gina silver and gold cuff, $227 by Alice Menter Jewellery / Knuckleduster Ring with Horses, $801 by SMITH/GREY / Light & Colorful bracelet-in Grey, $99 by byrufina

I really like the simple fact that Boticca is a carefully curated handmade marketplace with a sharp eye for fashion and design. Simply done but not so easy to find. There are many handmade marketplaces online these days. But what sets each apart are the quality of their handmades. All which come from stringent curating and moderating of their artists and designers.

Creating an account in Boticca is so easy! Let's call it "Hassle free" because there's no need to fill up forms, you just need to log in using your Facebook account and connect it to Boticca. Joining the site is also completely free, there is no membership fees or monthly sign ups. Plus you could even personally sell your own unique hand made creations. Let your works amuse the world, be a renowned designer and let the people drool over your piece of art. Exciting right? Be sure to check out Boticca to know what designers from all over the world have in-store for you!