Qualtrics - Online Survey Software

Qualtrics survey software is an excellent web-based survey software package that offers a very wide range of question types, a well-designed survey development interface, good fielding/survey promotion capabilities and a powerful reporting engine as well. It has both panal management features and multi-users capabilities and should definitely be a contender if you’re a corporate research department or academic organization looking for a good survey system. The company provides solutions for corporations looking for an approach to gathering knowledge resources including panel management, enterprise feedback management and voice of the customer.

The Qualtrics survey development environment is indeed among the best, most friendly, most easy to use most especially for the beginner and intermediate user. Qualtrics offers all of the basic data collection features one would expect from an online survey software package. It offers several different ways to promote your online surveys, and all of them seem to be executed well.

Qualtrics supports a variety of different ways to promote your survey such as e-mail blasts, survey links that you post on your web site, popup surveys, embedded surveys and something called a “web site feedback link.” All of these are very easy to implement and provide you with several options for doing so. They may not be the first company to offer a sliding scale question type, but they are the first I’ve seen to let you control little gauges with your slider. Or a stop light. Or a smiley face (you can control several different variations of smiles that work their way into a frown).

Although Qualtrics makes it is exceptionally easy to create a basic survey without delving into any of the advanced options, they do have a lot of advanced options for every type of question. Question text and responses can all handle embedded HTML code, which offers a lot of flexibility. In multiple choice questions, for example, you can easily edit and rearrange the answer choices. You can randomize some of the choices or all of the choices, and you can insert choices that respondents selected in other questions. You can even assign “recode” values to all of your questions so that you can show the respondent a text value but actually export a number you assign to your data file.

Overall, I must say that Qualtrics offers an extremely rich feature set and performs extremely well compared to other survey software systems in its price range.