Links Loved: Editorial Resources

One of my favorite part of blogging ever since i started becoming a blogger (circa 2007) is blogging about fashion editorials. I really love to search for the best of the best fashion and beauty editorials which i think is worthy to be blogged & to be seen by my dearest readers. When i was just starting i was really having a hard time to find the best ones because i dont have resources, it is challenging but it's also fun at the same time.

Many people (more or less three, if im not mistaken) are asking me where i found the editorial images that i use on my blogs - so since im feeling generous today, just a bit though. I have decided to share for my very first links loved post here on the all new Style Diaries five blogs/ sites where you can find all the best fashion and beauty editorials that you can possibly use for your future blog entries.

1. Fashion Gone Rogue
2. Fashion Editorials
3. Fashion Copious
4. Mode Newslicios
5. Fashionising
(image courtesy of fashionistasworld)