A Fresh Start

Perhaps most of you are wondering why i deleted all my pervious entries (actually, not all. I did kept some but never mind them bec they really doesnt matter). Though i worked hard on those entries, i have no choice but to delete them because i know that 75% (or probably more) of the entries were not that good. The quality was low and most of them looked too rushed. I did my best to make it better but still, it didnt work out. So blame me. Haha — Deleting the past entries was really hear breaking, it made me feel like i was killing my babies. All my ideas. No, not really like that. I was just trying to be "dramatic" testing if my rusty acting skill is still working. But seriously, it was pretty hard since the number of entries that i deleted was almost 300.

I started planning & working on the redesigning/ re-branding process of my blog several months ago and i must say that it is really exhausting. Planning on how the look of the blog will be is the hardest part as for it can make or break the blog. As you will notice, the new logo/ banner of the blog is now more "sleek & pro" looking compared to the preious ones that i have used. For the layout, i sill opted to go with the black & white combo as for it has been the "signature" style of Stle Diaries since the first day.

Over all i must say that it's worth the effort. I am really satisfied with the result of my hard work an i hope that you liked it too.

Anyway, speaking of redesigning and re-branding i just wanna konw. Are you a person who would rather refresh their design, or come out with a totally new design? Share your opinions here.

(images from street fsn, park and cube, , lifesreplay and  tumblr)