Metal Beads Come In Many Shapes and Sizes

A metal bead is a great option for making jewelry. This is one type of bead that is necessary for almost all jewelry making. This is one bead that plays a major role in the production of jewelry. It is used for making pretty necklaces, bracelets and many others.

Each metal bead will have its own accent that will make a piece of jewelry look amazing. The metal beads will make great accents for any piece. Some of these are extremely expensive while others are quite reasonably priced.

There are four main types of metal beads. They are brass, copper, silver and gold. Gold and silver are the more expensive types while copper and brass are more reasonable on the pricing. Many of these metals will have a nice polished and shiny surface. This can be changed quite easily though. If someone is looking for a dull shine, the plating that is on many of these beads can be sprayed with any ammonia based cleaner or Windex. This tends to make the shine go to a duller look. Some people would rather have this instead the shine.

Metal beads can be matched the filigree metal rounds to make a nice pair of earrings and matching necklace set. As many people say, these beads help to make every piece of jewelry shine. There are many shapes, styles and finishes that these can have.

One type of finish will be polished so that they can shine. Others are given a nice Matte finish. The antique look is given to some of them by blackening the surface or oxidizing it. There are many types of metal beads that a plated with another metal to make them look better. Some of the metals beads are handmade while other ones are made by a machine.